We all knew the Gladiators were poised for the future.  I, for one, didn’t think the future would come so soon.  I thought I would be happy to see the Cheapeake Cup paraded in Nova Scotia.  Now I’m jealous of having a front row seat.

The Hounds told me earlier this season that one particular deal the Hornbeams made last year was strong.  Its the deal that I think may have sent the Chesapeake up the Cabot Trail.

The then Gators had been pushing for Jonathan Toews for at least 2 years.  Patrick Kane was holding him a spot in the Forest City dressing room.  Whether it was a moment of weakness or brilliance, we will never know, but the Gators called around dinner and offered to send Kaner to Long Pond.  The deal would be Kane and a 9th for Eberle and a 3rd.  I was sure the deal would help in the short term, and was comfortable enough with the long-term prospects that I jumped at it.

Now, Kane is turning yellow and Eberle is the top-scoring green RW in the league.  Good thing I have the FHL Cup to catch my tears.